NorGliders - Norwegian national facility for ocean gliders

NorGliders - A national ocean research facility

Geophysical Institute (GFI), University of Bergen, Norway serves as the responsible host for the Norwegian National Facility for Ocean Gliders (NorGliders). The infrastructure is accessible for external users. NorGliders aims to:
    - maintain and develop ocean glider infrastructure and expertise in Norway
    - facilitate access to use of the infrastructure
    - coordinate an operation center comprising of a team of pilots distributed among various institutions in Norway, strengthening the Norwegian expertise nationwide.

Ocean glider technology has matured in the last decade. GFI at UiB built a strong group of users and technical expertise starting with the NACO project funded by the Norwegian Research Council. NorGliders operates a fleet of ocean gliders, which presently consists of Kongsberg Seagliders and Teledyne Webb Slocum gliders.

The map above shows the overview of glider missions completed until December 2018, showcasing the coverage of the Nordic Seas, as well as the high-latitude regions in Svalbard. Outstanding sites of interest are the Svinøy Section, the Lofoten Basin of the Norwegian Sea, the Mohn ridge, as well as the Iceland and Greenland Seas.

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